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Earn annual cash incentives by participating in the Energy Smart Residential Battery Pilot Program. This free program for Entergy New Orleans residential customers allows Entergy to access stored energy from your home battery system on peak demand days, providing more resilient and sustainable power to you. Plus, with the ability to opt out, you are always in control.

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To maximize the Grid Services performance, Participant’s battery will be automatically set in Full Backup Mode 24 hours in advance of each discharge event and will automatically be returned to the customer’s battery mode setting immediately after the discharge event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Active Entergy New Orleans residential customers who have a compatible solar connected battery energy storage system (BESS). The pilot program is limited to the first 30 customers who enroll and meet system qualifications.

If you receive an invitation to apply, there is a high chance that your system qualifies and will be validated upon program enrollment.

Incentive consists of two payments:

  1. Enrollment incentive of $300.
  2. Participation incentive of up to $250.

Incentive payments will be calculated based on the ratio of actual participation in events. For example, if you participate in seven out of eight events, your participation incentive will be $218.75.

In the case where no events are called during the program year, you will receive the full participation incentive amount.

Events will be determined by Entergy New Orleans or in response to a period of peak demand. Enrolled customers may opt out of any event.

Events will not exceed eight events per season. Each event will not be longer than three hours and BESS will not be discharged below 20%.

Yes, it is $100 per referral. Referral incentive is paid after referral customer is confirmed eligible and has completed enrollment.

Enrollment incentive is only one time per customer. Participation incentive is processed at the end of the program year.

The incentive will be available through September 8, 2023,  as long as incentive funds are available.

Events will not be called if severe weather or a hurricane is projected in the next 48 hours.